Has someone done something really great? Maybe someone is leaving or retiring and you want to do something special for them. We have special plaques for all occasions. Just let us know.
Gift items are a great way to recognize certain people or groups of individuals for their outstanding contributions to a special project. Gift items are a lasting reminder to the recipient that they did "a great job!" and someone else besides them recognized it. Good examples of gift items are desk clocks, pen and pencil sets, frames, and keepsake boxes.
Cast Plaques:
Cast plaques, either bronze or aluminum, can be a permanent plaque to dedicate a building or a memorial for someone special. Etched plates can also be used for the same purposes. They are beautiful life-long reminders of something unique and special. If you have a need for either of these items just let us know and we will be happy to see that you get just what you need.
Your company's logo will be highly visible in more places when you put it on wearables. We can personalize just about any clothing item you can put on your body including hats, caps, jackets, gloves, scarves, shirts, socks, shorts, ties, aprons, etc.
Trophies, Ribbons, Certificates:
Everyone loves to receive a trophy! Trophies are a quick and inexpensive way to recognize your loved one's many accomplishments throughout the year, from an A on a spelling test to winning the AAAAA state championship, there is a trophy for every memorable moment.

Medals, ribbons and certificates are also an inexpensive way to tell someone they have accomplished something really good. Everyone needs to feel appreciated for his or her hard work.

Acrylics and Crystal
Acrylic awards offer a unique way to say "you're special." It provides many options in design and function. It can be free-standing awards, plaques, cases for that special first homerun ball, desk accessories and paperweights to name a few. Engrave them with your special message and know you have a made a wise choice.
Promotional Products
Promotional products are a fantastic way to get your company name out into the public market and keep it out there by putting it on items that the average consumer uses or sees everyday. These products can be functional items from refrigerator magnets to calendars to mouse pads, or if you prefer the more outlandish, you might choose binoculars or boxer shorts. There are even items that are geared to specific groups of people such as sports, children's education and the medical industry.
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